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Located in Doncaster, Loving Glow Aesthetics is a medical aesthetic clinic dedicated to your skin goals. We believe in helping our clients achieve natural results with non-surgical treatments such as wrinkle reduction, PDO threads, and HIFU.

Ling has a wealth of experience, with over 7 years as a cosmetic nurse. She focuses on achieving natural-looking results with a less is more approach. Ling uses the latest medical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best results with little to no downtime.

Yanling Zhou Cosmetic Nurse Loving Glow Aesthetics Melbourne Doncaster Camberwell
Our Director and Founder, Yanling Zhou

Overcoming Adversity

She began her career as a critical care nurse for over 27 years, but she has always had a passion for beauty, technology, and technique.

As a single mum, Ling migrated from China to Melbourne in hopes of a better future. She hustled her way through by working multiple jobs to provide a comfortable life for her son and herself. She couldn’t speak English at first and had to take late-night classes to learn. She is now fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Ling quickly found herself working two jobs to stay afloat: shift work nurse and cosmetic nurse at a chain clinic. Over time, she didn’t like how chain clinics were often more concerned about sales and profit, rather than creating natural-looking results for patients.

In 2018, she quit her secure job to launch her dream business, Loving Glow Aesthetics, and also became the co-owner of Devine Aesthetics. Now, she has created a well-respected clinic in two locations, providing honest professional recommendations that prioritise natural-looking results over profit/sales.

She has created a safe space to help women and men regain physical and mental confidence that goes beyond the skin. Ling is passionate about her work and educates her clients about the dangers of overfilling. This is why patients are drawn to her warm and sensitive energy, and frequently refer their friends and family.

Ling constantly improves herself by learning the latest medical techniques and investing in state-of-the-art equipment. She also attends aesthetic conferences at least twice a year.

In her spare time, Ling loves keeping fit and regularly practices yoga, bikram, reformer pilates, and bike riding. She is also a huge advocate for self-love and mental strength to push through life adversities.

Yanling Zhou Cosmetic Nurse Loving Glow Aesthetics Melbourne Doncaster Camberwell
Loving Glow Aesthetics Melbourne Doncaster Camberwell

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